Just an Ignorant, Immature American who Didn’t Vote for Hillary┬á

I haven’t said much about politics in a while. I used to say a LOT about politics in years past. I would debate my stance tooth and nail. I would defend my beliefs with a self-righteous air that triggered a lot of reaction from others. Some in favor of my opinions, while some of raging opposition.

I grew tired of it. Tired of the anger. Tired of the rhetoric. Tired of the arguing. Tired of everyone pointing to someone, anyone to place the blame on.

Shocking outcome

Here we are today, November 10th 2016. Two days following the 45th presidential election. Many of us are still reeling with shock and disbelief that Donald Trump, a bigot, misogynist, and all around deplorable human being has won the nomination as the next leader of our country.

Here comes the blame

Social media has been exploding with opinions, jokes, commentary, every emotion under the sun, and of course misplaced BLAME! Blame at non-voters, and blame at anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary. What does blaming one another get us? Division, anger, and most dangerously HATE!

I happen to be one of those “immature,” “ignorant” non-Hillary voters. I wrote in Bernie Sanders. Yes, that’s right it’s mine and everyone else’s fault who DIDN’T vote for Hillary Clinton that Trump won. Before you start breathing fire and throwing out “I told you so’s” hear me out…

The only choice for me

I didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders just to say a big “F you” to the system like you are all so quick to assume. I didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders just because I don’t like Hillary. I didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders because I am “ignorant” or “immature” (though thank you for those crass judgements). 

I voted for Bernie Sanders because HE is the the one I believe in most. HE is the one that most closely matches my core beliefs and values. HE is the only one that gives a damn about the people of our country. Not just the obscenely wealthy elite people. Not just the white people. But all of the people! HE is the one I believed was best suited to be our next president. HE is not the lesser evil because HE is not evil at all!

Freedom of choice

Isn’t that what Democracy is supposed to be about? Having the ability to CHOOSE as we see fit? It’s not about being bullied into choosing the lesser of two evils. It’s about the FREEDOM of choice! Sure, you don’t have to AGREE with my choice but it is still MY CHOICE to be made by ME!

Don’t be like The Donald

Come on America, what GOOD does it get any of us to go on social media and bash those who didn’t vote as YOU see fit?! Placing blame on non-Hillary supporters and non-voters doesn’t change the outcome. What GOOD do you get from insulting us by calling us IGNORANT and IMMATURE, besides a temporary feeling of superiority and righteousness?! Placing BLAME on each other gets us nowhere! Shouldn’t that be obvious by now?

Less evil is still evil

I don’t like Donald Trump any more than his most devout haters. But I also don’t like Hillary Clinton. I have done the “lesser of two evils” thing before. To me, that isn’t FREEDOM of choice. If I like another candidate or write in and feel they are the best choice then that’s who I’m going to vote for.

You can disagree all you want with my choice, but don’t insult me because of it. Don’t blame me and my choice for how it all turned out. That isn’t fair. And that isn’t productive. 

Did I think Bernie was going to win? Of course not. Too many people do the “lesser of two evils” vote for anyone but evil to win. That doesn’t mean however, that I myself am obligated to vote for the less evil candidate. I am not voting to appease anybody. I am voting for who I believe in, and I don’t believe in evil. 

One love

If we want positive change in our failing country we have to band together and stand up for ourselves! There has to be a “One love” sense of togetherness. The misplaced blame and anger just creates chaos. It pits us against one another, distracting us from those who actually deserve to be on the receiving end of our wrath.

I have held my tongue so many times throughout this circus of an election. I have no understanding how ANYONE in their ever-loving mind could support such a crazy lunatic! I also know that complaining, whining, and insulting others does absolutely NOTHING to change ANYTHING! Lack of compassion and empathy is destroying the human race. 

The only way to change anything is to come together. We need to put our egos aside and start treating one another with respect! We need to stop siding with evil and make the right choice, not the better of two horrible choices. 

Unfortunate reality

If the media wasn’t corrupt and didn’t maximize Trump’s exposure while minimizing Bernie’s we wouldn’t be facing four years with a sociopath for a president. If the Democratic Party hadn’t done the same between Hillary and Bernie, HE would be our next president. Because Bernie had a chance. A real chance at beating Trump in this election.

So, fellow Americans here we are. Regardless at this point of how we got here, we are here nonetheless. As scary as the thought of having Donald Trump as our president is, it is our unfortunate reality at the moment. I am no happier about it than all of you responsible, mature, less ignorant Americans who voted for Hillary.


I don’t want more of the same for America. I want better. I don’t want to regress back 60 years, but I don’t want to stand still either. Hillary Clinton may be brilliant and have political experience, but she is just as dishonest and calloused as the majority of politicians. Bernie is different because he cares. He genuinely cares for those outside of the elitist, corrupt, greed-filled bubble. 

You may say I’m a dreamer

Now don’t go adding naive or delusional to the fabulous repertoire of adjectives used to describe dreamers like myself. I know that consonance in our country is about as likely as Trump having a good hair day. I am well aware of the uphill climb we face to reach equality.

Not a genius, but no dummy either

I am not espousing my opinion to prove that I am right and that everyone else is wrong. I am no political analyst, or even a college graduate. I don’t consider myself highly intellectually gifted, but I am not ignorant either. I am intelligent enough to know that the system is corrupt. I am aware enough to know that the lesser of two evils still equates to evil.

Fed up!

I am writing this blog post because just like the rest of you, I am fed up! I am fed up with being lied to. Fed up with senseless wars. Fed up with police brutality. Fed up with the increasing economic divide. Fed up with our for profit healthcare system. Fed up with our justice system. Fed up with racism. Fed up with our Government who has blame for everyone, yet takes zero responsibility for anything! Man am I fucking FED UP!

An America for the people, not the Politicians 

So America, you want to be great?Well I hate to be the barer of bad news but no Trump, Clinton or any other personal-agenda-ridden-politician (or wanna be) is going to get us to that status. Nothing great comes easy. Nothing great comes without BIG change. And no BIG change comes without opposition. It is up to us to come together and fight for the America that WE THE PEOPLE want! Only WE can make AMERICA GREAT for us, because our vision of what makes America great is not the same as theirs!