Hi! I’m Alyson: Mom, Stepmom, Fiance, Blogger, Poet, Writer, Artist, Animal Lover and one very Strong Woman! Because of the struggles I have faced, I have compassion for others who struggle as well. I write about life’s many aspects. One thing all of my writing has in common is that it comes straight from my heart. I am a very passionate person and that comes out strongly in my writing. I am an advocate for human and animal rights. I am an advocate for mental health and addiction awareness. I myself battle depression and anxiety. I also struggle with addiction and eating disorders. All of these topics are expressed in my blog entries. I use humor, honesty, sincerity, and sometimes a little sarcasm to inspire and entertain my readers. I hope if you are reading this, that these topics appeal to you and that you will follow me on my blogging journey. I appreciate my readers dearly, as it is YOU who brings this dream of mine into fruition! Thank you to all of my supporters from the bottom of my heart!


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