The Power is in Us

Today I have 9 months sobriety from Marijuana!

Though it almost feels like the norm now, I have to remember that only 9 months ago it felt like a whole new world.

Even though I have accepted my new identity as an ex-pothead, I also accept that I have the incurable disease of addiction.

If I let my ego get the better of me and lose sight of my humility, it is very likely that Marijuana will sneak back into my life.

I have to remain vigilant, and pro-active to keep my addiction at bay. I meet regularly with my sponsor and work on my steps.

I seek guidance from my Higher Power when I need help. I see my counselor twice a month.

As normal as my weed free lifestyle seems the majority of the time, I still have my moments of temptation. 

Last night was one of those moments. I just quit smoking cigarettes on the first. I am also battling my most obstinate addiction, as I have exhaustedly done since middle school.

Food addiction is what still plagues me. It is the addiction that robs me of a normal life. It has always been my first drug of choice.

Now that weed and nicotine are out of my life for good, my only cross addiction left has supercharged it’s power. I feel defeated by it.

I realize it is time to surrender fully to my last, most dogged addiction…

I admit that I am powerless over food, and that my life has become unmanageable 

Just being honest with myself is a release and a huge weight off of my shoulders. Now it is time to start working Step one.

If I can celebrate 9 months of sobriety from a substance I abused for 21 years, I can surely do the same with any addiction.

The power is in us, we just have to figure out how to tap into that power. For myself, practicing spirituality and having support from others who have been through the same things is what ignites that power inside of me.

What do you do to tap into your power?

What helps you overcome difficulties in your lives? What inspires change for you? Post what helps you out during the obstacles of life in the comments below.


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