I Pray

As I sit here near the end of the first day of January 2017, I pray. 
I pray that on this very day next year I have a lot to celebrate.

I pray that I am not sitting here instead, writing this very same blog post praying for these very same things.

I pray that this year I don’t let myself down, that I don’t have to once again taste the familiar bitterness of defeat and regret. 

I pray to instead experience the sweet taste of success and pride. The mouth watering spice of adventure and accomplishment.

I pray that at the end of this year I am manifesting new dreams, because the old ones have become my reality.

I pray that in my toughest moments I do not lose sight of what those moments are trying to teach me. 

I pray I don’t forget that every struggle I endure is just another stepping stone in the direction of the life I am meant to live.

I pray I don’t expect it to be easy.

I pray I don’t give up when it feels like too much to bare.

I pray for acceptance. Of myself just as I am. Of others just as they are. And of life just as it is, and just as it isn’t.

I pray for more security, less anxiety. More forgiveness, less resentment. More love, less fear.

I pray for less ego, more humility. Less anger, more peace. Less frustration, more patience.

I pray for the courage to ask my Higher Power for help when I don’t know how to help myself.

I pray that I am able to wait in silence so I can hear the answer.

I pray that I have trust in my Higher Power when I am plagued by self doubt.

I pray that this time I don’t let my demons win.

I pray that I fight like I’ve never fought before. 

I pray that no matter how sharp the pain is or how deep the wounds flow, I don’t give in to the temptation to run from it all.

I pray that I don’t resort to using my addictions to numb myself when life gets too overwhelming.

I pray that this is my year to shine. My year to stand up to my fears and live beyond the walls of my comfort zone.

I pray that this year (2017) is the year that I finally conquer my kryptonite for good, achieving the freedom I’ve dreamed of for a very long time.

And as I sit here I pray that through all of the struggle, fear, and pain I never forget to pray to remember all the reasons I fight.


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